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BIG DATA: I wrote and directed a nine episode comedic crime caper podcast about stealing the internet. It features Felicia Day, Paul F. Tompkins, Samm Levine, Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, Cecil Baldwin and many more!

Listen here, or wherever you get your podcasts!

RISK: Risk! is a podcast where people to tell true stories they never thought they'd dare to share, and I've been a contributor!

You can hear the story I recorded live on stage in New York "Chad" here, and the spooky story I recorded for the Halloween episode, "Plagued," is here.

SPOKEN WORD: I do a lot of stuff on stage! I am a Moth Story Slam Champion, a two-time Speak Up Poetry Slam champion, and a one-time Erotic Poetry Slam champion. I organize and host the TrueBu storytelling show in Busan, South Korea, and also hosted the Busan International Shakespeare Festival.

I practice my stories on stage every chance I get, because it helps me make them into better comics!

BeFM: Since 2013, I've been a reporter and segment producer for Busan English Radio, creating and hosting such shows as Places and People, Here and There, Movie Detective, The Star Review, Worked Up, Blast From The Past, Bad Travelers and more. I also play Sherlock Holmes on BeFM Audio Drama.

Listen live at

@FOREXPOSURE_TXT: I am the creator and editor of @forexposure_txt, a twitter account that shares funny quotes from people who don't want to pay artists. I direct and often star in dramatic readings, and was a producer on The Hard Parts, a short film based on quotes from the account.

Visit the site, or read about it on the BBC.

NORMCORE: I accidentally invented a dumb word that ended up in the dictionary, was the runner up for Oxford's 2014 Word of the Year, has been discussed (and often decried) in Time, Vogue, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Elle, The New Yorker, and Newsweek.

You can read my explanation and apology here.

CHALLENGE COMICS: I hold the world record for consecutive comic-making. After failing at my first 24 hour comic, I trained with a 48, 72 and then 168 hour comic... which means I wrote and illustrated a page per hour for a week straight.

I've self-published several books, including Ped-Xing, Awesome O'Clock, Chillin' Like Villains, and Cartoon Coup.

CARTOON COMMUNE: For a decade, I ran a custom comics business and produced over 3000 pages of comics for musicians likeTommy Lee, Todd Rundgren, and The Eli Young Band, true love stories illustrated as comics for weddings, 3 different long-running comic strips about poker, and a silly project for a US Senator so secret I had to sign an NDA.

SO MANY OTHER THINGS: Since I first started submitting comics to newspapers when I was six years old, I have loved to make things. I have worked on TV shows, like Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law and The Super Popular Show. I have been in weird movies, like Deadheads and Aap ka Suroor: The Moviee: The Real Luv Story.

I have acted in a number of plays, including the Korean premiere of James McLure's 1959 Pink Thunderbird Convertible and numerous productions of my own short play "Guest Visit." I created a travel show in the early days of Youtube called Expeditions, which ran briefly on CNN Headline News.
I have guested on dozens of podcasts (and would be happy to guest on your too!) I have run so many blogs. But the main thing that excites me is whatever's next!

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