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Aki Alliance: A 200 page graphic novel

No one likes Aki Akuyama, because she has never stuck to a decision in her life. But she's decided to make friends with everyone in her class even if she has to lie, cheat, steal, bribe and trick her way into friendship.

Aki Alliance is a 200 page graphic novel for all ages. In order to celebrate its recent near-move to television, here's a brand new edition! 13 Years after the first page was published, here's a new edition with a fancy new cover and some bits and pieces tidied up so subtly you probably won't even notice!

Read it for free below or for a limited time click here toget the special edition ebook for free!

Thanks for reading!For a limited time, click here to get the special edition ebook for free!

Do you want to read the original Aki comic that started it all? Check out Ped X-ing!

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